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An Audience with Mike McGear McCartney

 SEX, DRUGS & ROCK'N' ROLL (I wish!)

Mike McGear McCartney

Mike takes you through his family album, with stories of Liverpool life from childhood to entering showbiz, when because of Beatlemania, he had to change his name to 'McGear', becoming an integral part of the 60's Merseybeat era.  Find out how Scaffold subverted BBC Children's TV!  Hear how Rod Stewart and Freddie Starr woke Mike's relatives and how Jimi Hendrix became Mike's backing musician!  See George Harrison pinch Joe Brown's guitar!  And why did Billy Connolly have to separate Mike from Michael Parkinson?  All will be explained and several thousand more wonderful tales.

Tuesday 29th April 2014

Tickets £15      Doors - 19:00

Tickets available to purchase from the Information Centre; by telephone on 01766 770000 and online.