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Working At Portmeirion - Job Opportunities

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Gareth Evans (Personnel Manager)

Telephone 01766 772320


Ellen Roberts (Personnel Assistant)

Telephone 01766 772369



Portmeirion Ltd / Portmeirion Shops Ltd 

Portmeirion's Staff handbook has been designed to be of use to its employees.

Hopefully the policies and procedures within the handbook are informative and clear. They are intended to reflect the Company's desire to inform and involve employees in all matters which affect their working lives. Employees are issued with a contract detailing terms and conditions of employment relating to each individuals' role. This handbook has been published to give additional information regarding an employee's employment and what is expected of them as well as details of the benefits that are provided. 

It is divided into the following main sections:

  • Section 1 - contains contractual entitlements which form part of your contract of employment.
  • Section 2 - contains important information on the benefits available to employees and general information about your employment with Portmeirion Limited / Portmeirion Shops Limited. 
  • Section 3 - contains contractual information about health and safety which forms part of your contract of employment.

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