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Ian McNabb Live at Hercules Hall

Ian McNabb set to bring his unique electric acoustic show to the Village

September's musical theme continues with the news that Ian Mcnabb will be playing live at the Hercules Hall Portmeirion on Thursday 27th.

MCNABBOne of the finest singer-songwriters that Britain has produced, Ian has enjoyed success as frontman for the band Icicle Works during the 80's and as a solo artist with no less than 14 critically acclaimed albums to date. Ian will be performing tracks from his days with the Icicle Works all the way through to his latest release "Little Episodes" which was released in February of this year.

There will be no support for this gig; and Ian will play a 2 hour long sets during the evening.

Tickets are available online through the Portmeirion shops website or via Telephone on 01766 772386, priced at £15.00 per person.

Follow Ian Mcnabb on hisofficial website or you can follow him on Facebook

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