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Festival No.6 Festival Winner - Review

 Festival No.6

Our competition winner, Graeme Ness sent over his notes and some lovely photos from his time at Festival No.6 which you can read and see here, see you next year Graeme!

It was a wet day on Friday when I arrived at the car park, but a quick pick up of my wristband and I was on the shuttle bus to the site. Arriving fairly late in the day thanks to a long drive from Scotland, unsurprisingly the best pitches had gone but I managed to find a spot not too far away and once the tent was up, the rain stopped. After a quick cider at camp I headed off to explore.

The biggest draw of Festival No.6 for me was always going to be the Village, it's a place I've been desperate to visit ever since watching repeats of The Prisoner many years ago so to have this opportunity was incredible, for there to be a music festival too is almost too much. It's no real surprise that I bypassed the main venues in Castle Park and headed straight into the Village. The atmosphere was incredible, as you'd expect from a festival although everything felt ever so surreal, the usual fields and tents replaced by the most beautiful buildings and stunning scenery. I wandered around, taking it all in until darkness fell and I returned to Castle Park to find the bar and to finally take in some music.

Saturday saw the weather improve, waking up to the clouds breaking and the sun coming out was wonderful. The views to the mountains from the campsite were spectacular.  A quick coffee and breakfast at camp before I headed back to the Village for an excellent guided tour, after this I decided to take a wander around the woodlands I'd missed on Friday. The woods were an incredibly peaceful place, maybe it was just because it was early, I've a feeling they're always that way though. So much to do hidden away in here, maybe mostly for kids although I'm not so sure.

When I left the woods the sun had decided it was staying, so I made my way down to the beach. Wandering along with the sun on my back, with the distant drifting sound from the Stone Boat stage made for a great lunchtime stroll. The rest of the afternoon was spent pottering about between champagne bar, shell grotto and the estuary stage.

Early evening and I finally made it up to Castle Park, Chapel Club and London Grammar and Daughter were the must see acts for me and I wasn't disappointed but the draw of the village was too much as I wanted to take in the Piazza when it was full. John Cooper Clarke was excellent but the highlight of my night was the Brythoniaid Male Voice Choir. A huge crowd filled every available space around the village green to watch their performance.

I followed a fantastic light procession up from the village to Castle Park to finish off a fantastic day with My Bloody Valentine.


The weekend was incredible, an amazing experience that I'm grateful to have had the chance to be a part of. The only question left unanswered is 'how soon can I come back?'

Many thanks,

Graeme Ness

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