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Challenge Yourself With Our Travel Quiz - Where Are You?

We have tourists and explorers from the whole world over come to our curious village by the sea all year round, and we never get tired of seeing their faces as they explore the gardens and walk the streets. One thing that always strikes us is that no matter where our visitors hail from, they always take away something unique from Portmeirion.

Of course the similarities have been made between our little town and a certain Mediterranean fishing village. Sir Clough Williams-Ellis said himself, when asked about the similarities, "How could I not have fallen for [it]? Indeed its image remained with me as an almost perfect example of the man-made adornment and use of an exquisite site."

So this got us thinking: what other places are there across the world, which look like they belong somewhere else?

We've put together this quiz to test your travelling senses; simply take a look at the picture and see if you can identify where you are from the options given. We'll warn you though: there are a few tricky ones in there.

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