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Summer tasting event hailed a success


Hotel Portmeirion inaugural Summer Taster menu Evening 25th July 2015


The Portmeirion Hotel dining room played host to a seven-course summer tasting event with
over 60 guests over the weekend.


Pairing signature dishes with accompanying wines, award-winning head chef Mark Threadgill and his team provided an evening full of new tastes and experiences.


The menu featured signature dishes from Portmeirion's kitchen, including local mackerel served with horseradish ├ęclairs, crispy duck eggs with summer truffle soldiers and poached lobster followed by loin of Welsh lamb. The meal was rounded off with a dessert of aerated white chocolate with morello cherries and pistachios.


A special thanks must go to Mark and his team for designing the menu and executing theTom Killgallon delicate dishes. Credit for the success of the evening must also go to Thomas Kilgallon, Portmeirion's restaurant manager whose team ensured that everyone was suitably well-fed and that wine glasses were topped up all evening!


Thomas joined the Portmeirion team over six months ago from La Becasse and has worked
very hard to create events that inspire guests and highlight the true talents of the kitchen staff.

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