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The Prisoner Election Parade 2016The Prisoner Pre-Election Gathering 2016Martyn Ware and Mike McCartneyThe Prisoner The Chess Game 2016More than 1,500 people flocked to Portmeirion this weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the filming of the cult TV series The Prisoner.

Members of the Six of One Society re-enacted some of the most iconic scenes from the surreal sixties spy thriller - to the obvious delight of visitors.

They cheered with delight when Rover, the giant white ball that would recapture the show's star Patrick McGoohan when he tried to escape, emerged from the sky with a growl.

Nearly 100 society members in colourful costumes re-enacted the election parade from the episode Free For All, and members took their places on a giant chess board to recreate the Checkmate episode.

Actor Denise Buckley, who featured in the episode Dance of the Dead, was a guest of honour, making her first visit to the North Wales resort.

Alan Beale, convention organiser from the Six of One Society, said: "It was a very forward looking series in that it had surveillance cameras, cordless phones and even a suggestion of cloning - many of the things we have today.  It also created debate and controversy.

"We have people from all over the globe coming to the convention. And of course, a new generation is now discovering it."

Abby Waysdorf, 30, a student from Colorado, US, said: "I really like the vibe here but the main reason I'm here is for my doctoral research on the subject."

Photographer Mike McCartney, younger brother of Paul McCartney, who is preparing an exhibition and book about the magic of Portmeirion, said: "When I left my home town of Liverpool this morning it was raining but when I arrived in the beautiful village of Portmeirion there was sunshine and an outpouring of love and happiness." 

Martyn Ware, from the bands The Human League and Heaven 17, created a three dimensional soundscape for Portmeirion based on the sounds, music and dialogue from the original Prisoner series. The soundscape was played every hour under the village bridge.

"I originally came to Portmeirion as a child and thought it was a strange but extraordinary place," said Martyn, a keen member of the Six of One society. "The people here are really wonderful."

A Portmeirion Village spokeswoman said: "The turnout this weekend has exceeded all expectations, and they have enjoyed not only some iconic moments from the cult TV series but also the picturesque buildings, acres of gardens and the beautiful beach."

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