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Hercules Hall, Portmeirion

Minffordd, Gwynedd. LL486ER

Martyn Ware

A 3D audio soundscape has been installed at Portmeirion's historic Jacobean town hall, bringing the voice of the village founder, Sir Clough William Ellis, to life.

The soundscape includes digitally re-mastered recordings of the famous architect discussing the inspiration behind his creation, accompanied by 17th century music to enhance the experience.

The installation was created by Martyn Ware, former member of pop groupsThe Human LeagueandHeaven 17.

Explaining his motivation behind the project, he said: "People don't realise that a lot of experiences are the result of sound. Think of a magnificent church. It may be visually stunning but the reason it looks so great is because of sound. It completes the sensorial experience, making a place more emotionally engaging".

Robin Llywelyn, Portmeirion's Managing Director and grandson of Sir Clough, said: "Our latest soundscape not only preserves my grandfather's ideas and architectural philosophy but it augments the reality of being in an extraordinary space. You're no longer just looking at a historic ceiling in a picturesque hall. You're completely immersed in the experience of it."

Portmeirion was designed and built by Sir Clough William Ellis after he acquired the site in 1925, and celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.

To visit Portmeirion Village and experience the soundscape, tickets can be purchased here

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