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Sleeps 4
Room Layout

Double Room                               Twin Room

Bathroom                                      Kitchen - Diner

Lounge                                         View pdf of Room Layout

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Dolphin Cottage is located on the Cliff Side by Government House, with views overlooking the Hotel Portmeirion and Estuary. Views from other end are of the Central Piazza. Dolphin is reachable via some outside stairs, leading from Prisoner Shop on Battery Square. Parking is on Salutation Square, by the Cadwalader's Ice Cream Shop.


Dolphin (1933-34, listed Grade II 1971) was designed in July 1933 although its name had previously briefly been chosen for the Angel but as Clough needed an excuse to use an attractive Angel sign he crossed out Dolphin on the plan/ He had several carved dolphins also however and so these were used on this building. Dolphin is a self-catering cottage sleeping four. Below it is Dolphin Suite which is a serviced suite (double bedroom, bathroom, sitting room). Dolphin is reached via a flight of steps down from Battery Square or up from the Dolphin wishing well. A loggia at first floor level connects Dolphin to Government House. Leaning over its seaward balcony is a ceramic bust of Shakespeare best seen from the quayside.

A carved Portland stone figure of the goddess Friga executed between 1728 and 1730 by Michael Rysbrack (1694-1770) stands on an integrally carved square plinth inscribed 'FRIX', and a square limestone pedestal. Lord Cobham commissioned Rysbrack to deliver seven statues representing the Saxon gods who gave their names to the days of the week for a rustic temple for his gardens at Stowe. This figure was in situ here by at least 1928 and gives her name to Friday Lane past Mermaid. Clough writes that she was "a prize I secured at the last sale at Stowe when I was engaged in converting that great palace into a public school. There had been a circle of seven such deities severally representing the days of the week, but at a much earlier sale the then Duke of Buckingham, a most splendid bankrupt, had sold off the other six, leaving only mine - who, representing Friday, was presumably deemed unlucky and attracted no bidders."


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