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Why are dogs not allowed on site at Portmeirion?

dim cwnWe are often asked about the reason for Portmeirion's no-dogs-allowed policy.

One primary reason for the rule is the conflict pets (particularly dogs) produce in natural areas used as wildlife habitat and also used by people for recreation.

Portmeirion's natural areas are managed in a way that protects habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species. Dogs, by nature, can damage sensitive habitats as well as harass or kill vulnerable wildlife.

The no-dogs policy is also applied to protect the many people who may be picnicking, walking, swimming or relaxing in the grounds.

A dogs-on-leash rule used in the past proved ineffective because many people disregard the policy. We have also found that a few pet owners do not take the responsibility to pick up pet waste. Patrolling park grounds to assure that dogs are under control, contacting those who are not being responsible with their pet and cleaning up after pets to assure a safe visitor environment was an inefficient use of limited staff time.

With the exception of special service dogs (i.e. guide dogs) Portmeirion will continue its policy of excluding pets from the village and its grounds to help assure a quality visitor experience and help protect natural resources on site. This does not apply to public rights of way.

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