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Central Piazza

Dine: - 

Enjoy authentic pizza and pasta at Caffi Glas (the Blue Café) on Salutation Place. Also on offer are salads, fish, cakes, pastries and Italian beers and wine.

Caffi Glas is open from 11am until 5pm all year with closing times changing to 7pm over Easter, and the Summer Holidays. Over the summer holidays, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, Caffi Glas stays open until 9pm. A take away service is available during opening hours.

Stay: - 

Surrounding the Central Piazza there are some quite striking locations used for accommodation. The Unicorn Family Suite, known at one time as a 'mini Chatsworth' is reached from the front via a stairway from the Piazza. It has private parking at the rear and contains two bedrooms (one double & one twin) with a bathroom each and a central sitting room.

The Salutation block was originally the stables for the Aber Iâ estate. It now has The Ship Shop on the ground floor and 3 hotel rooms above: two of these are double village rooms (Salutation One and Two); the third (Salutation Suite) is a double Suite with double doors opening onto a balcony overlooking the central piazza.

The last accommodation in the area is the charming Telford's Tower. Constructed to celebrate the bi-centenary of Telford's building of the Menai Bridge linking North Wales and Anglesey. It sits on the rock to the left of the Unicorn, and has a double and a single room.

Things to see: - 

The Central Piazza is well worth spending some relaxing time in and taking in its many sights. Each end of the Piazza is flanked one side by the Gloriette, and the other by the Gothic Pavilion, and standing tall above the lawn where the famous chess game in The Prisoner was filmed, is our Siamese Twins. Also in the Piazza area is the statue of Hercules, which Clough purchased in Edinburgh, and duly towed it on a trailer all the way back to Portmeirion. Also overlooking the Piazza is Friga, the goddess of Friday.

Alongside the Piazza Clough reconstructed the Bristol Colonnade, originally from Arnois Court near Bristol. After suffering war damage, and about to be demolished, Clough took it apart brick by brick, and rebuilt the monument at Portmeirion. One of the angelic corbels was found to be missing however, replaced by Clough's head carved by Jonah Jones, as he recalls in his memoir of Clough: "At either end of the Colonnade, an ogee cupola is supported on two corbels. One of these was missing when the drivers off-loaded, so Clough asked me to carve one out of a blank in its place. He gave me very little time, as usual, and I carved…a sketch portrait of Clough."


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